Specialized Services

The removal of many cancers requires sophisticated complex surgical procedures. Surgical Oncology Associates of South Texas performs state-of-the-art procedures, including sentinel node biopsy for breast cancer and melanoma and radiofrequency ablation for liver tumors, as well as advanced laparoscopic surgery for cancer when indicated. In addition, we believe patients benefit from having two or more specialty trained cancer surgeons in the operating room.

Breast Cancer & Disease

We are experts in the management of inherited breast cancer syndromes, in-situ (pre-cancerous) conditions and the surgical prevention of breast cancer in patients who are at increased risk for the development of breast cancer. We work closely with mammographers, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists, and plastic surgeons to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Colon & Rectal Cancer

Dr. Kahlenberg’s clinical work and research on colon cancer has been nationally recognized, and he is a member of the national colorectal committee of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast And Bowel Project. This is a one of the nation’s leading clinical trials groups that develop and test various state of the art treatments for colon, rectal and breast cancer.

We are frequently referred patients who are discovered to have polyps (growths) and other masses in the colon or who have inflammatory conditions (inflammatory bowel disease) such as Crohns’ Disease and Ulcerative Colitis that puts them at increased risk for the development of future colon cancer risk. We are experts in the diagnosis and management of inherited syndromes such as Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) and Hereditary NonPolyposis Colon Cancer Syndrome(HNPCC) or Lynch Syndrome that result in increased risk of colon cancer.

Pancreas and Bile Duct Tumors

We treat pancreas and bile duct cancer, pre-cancerous tumors including cysts as well as neuroendocrine tumors. Treatment planning is dependent upon the expert input from several specialists, including gastroenterologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. With our extensive background, we not only provide expert surgical care, but we also help serve as the coordinators of overall care.

Liver Cancer

We specialize in liver cancer (hepatocellular cancer), cancers that have metastasized to the liver, and non-cancerous and pre-cancerous liver masses. There are several surgical options for the treatment of these tumors including resection, and radiofrequency ablation, as well as several non-surgical options including chemoembolization and radiation. Thus, treatment decisions are complex and we provide a thorough multidisciplinary approach to the management of these tumors.

Stomach Tumors

We offer surgical treatment of stomach tumors, including gastric cancer and gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST), as well as tumors of the small intestine. The management of gastric cancer requires experts from medical oncology and radiation oncology and we work closely with them to offer a multidisciplinary approach. Tumors of the small intestine are rare and usually require surgical treatment.


Skin Cancer (Melanoma)

The most effective treatment for melanoma and other skin tumors is surgical removal with a generous border of normal skin to help prevent local recurrences. Melanoma and other skin cancers can spread to glands called lymph nodes and we are experts in localizing and excising these using a technique called sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Sarcomas (Soft Tissue Tumors)

Soft tissue is present immediately underneath the skin and in various other areas of the body. While soft tissue tumors are not always cancerous, effective treatment of muscle and soft tissue tumors requires surgical resection.

Thyroid and Adrenal Gland Tumors

Not all growths in the thyroid or adrenal gland are cancerous, and the removal of these growths may be required to diagnose cancer. We work closely with leading endocrinologists to ensure expert personalized treatment planning.

Anal Cancer

A rare form of cancer, whose effective treatment requires an accurate diagnosis and close communication between medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and a surgical oncologists.

Other Services:

  • Genetic Testing
  • Inherited Cancer Syndromes and Prophylactic Surgery for High Risk Patients

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