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Our Mission:

To provide expert knowledge, surgical skills and personalized treatment plans for the prevention and treatment of cancer thus enhancing the lives of patients in Bexar County and the South Texas region.

What is surgical oncology and what is the role of the surgical oncologist?

Many patients and physicians are not fully aware of the surgical sub-specialty of surgical oncology and their role in the management of patients with cancer or pre-cancerous conditions. It is important that patients and referring physicians appreciate the benefits of having a surgical oncologist provide surgical care for patients diagnosed with cancer as well as patients at high risk for the development of cancer.

Selecting a surgeon to provide care is one of the most important decisions a cancer patient has to make. Surgical Oncology Associates features one of the most experienced and highly regarded team of cancer caregivers in South Texas. 

  • In many cases, two or more specialty trained cancer surgeons are in the operating room (we’re likely the only practice in South Texas that offers this level of care).
  • Our surgeons are general surgeons who have (completed) an additional 2-4 years of subspecialty surgical training that focuses on the surgical treatment and prevention of cancer.
  • Our surgeons were trained at some of the most, elite comprehensive cancer centers in the nation.
  • Our surgeons are compassionate and provide expertise that is necessary to perform intricate cancer surgical procedures.
  • Our entire team will assist you in navigating the complex decision making process for your individualized treatment, with concierge-style service.
  • Our combined expertise ensures the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Patient Testimonial

“In order to win the fight, you need to have faith, a good attitude and a team of expert cancer surgeons who have the right plan. Surgical Oncology Associates is my team.” - Peter Suess, pancreatic cancer survivor

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